Outfits For Newborns to Wear Home From the Hospital

20 Adorable Outfits For Baby's Homecoming

20 Adorable Outfits For Baby's Homecoming

When it's time for your new additions to make their "real world" debut, what you choose to dress them in can be a big decision — especially when snap-happy dads and grandparents are going to be there to capture every moment on camera.

Eighty-one percent of POPSUGAR Moms readers say that they bought a special ensemble for their newborns to wear on this momentous day, and if you're planning on following suit, we recommend an outfit that's soft, cozy, and easy to get on and off. Converter gowns and kimono styles are especially desirable, as are pieces that don't go over the new baby's head. Check out our 20 favorite finds, and tell us: what did (or will) you bring home baby in?

Source: Flickr user Bridget Coila