"You Look Tired."

Carrying a baby for nine months is hard work. Chances are if she looks tired, she is. However, the last thing she needs is anyone reminding her how exhausted she feels or looks. Nothing short of, "You look fantastic," should be said to a pregnant woman about her appearance.

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Monique Marie Monique Marie 4 years
I don't like it when people tell me this now. If I was pregnant, I would hate to think of what words would come out of my mouth.
Bettye Wayne Bettye Wayne 4 years
Only very close family can get away with this one.
4 years
I disagree on this one too. I liked it being acknowledged that what I was doing was tiring, especially at the end of the pregnancy. Being told I looked fantastic would've annoyed me, since it would've been obvious ass-kissing.