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WubbaNubs and Wubbies

Lil Find: WubbaNubs

Pacify your bundle of joy with a WubbaNub. At birth, an infant's sucking reflex is strong and sometimes insatiable. Soothie pacifiers work, but babes have a tough time keeping them in place on their own.

Crafted by a sleep deprived mother, the WubbaNub is a Soothie (latex free silicone) pacifier attached to a plush stuffed animal. The toy helps keep the sucker in place — giving baby satisfaction and mama and papa a break.

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When your babe's sucking reflex subsides and the pacifier becomes more of a habit than a necessity, introduce the wee one to the Wubbie. The Wubbie is an ultra soft square blanket with a familiar WubbaNub friend sewn atop. Instead of your child wanting to suckle with the plush toy, he will nuzzle it and hopefully lose his yearning for the pacifier all together.