Wonder Woman: Amy Poehler

Wonder Woman: Amy Poehler

She's had us rolling on the floor with her dead-on impression of Hillary Clinton during the presidential election and cracked us up as the junk food-eating, karaoke-singing surrogate mother to Tina Fey's baby in last year's Baby Mama. Now, Amy Poehler is back on our boob tubes as a public servant in Parks and Recreation.

The new mama — Poehler and her funny man husband Will Arnett welcomed son Archibald "Archie" William Emerson last Fall — went back to her Saturday Night Live Weekend Update chair just a weeks after giving birth to help have fits of hysterics through the final pre-election weekend. Shortly after, she announced her departure from the show in order to play an idealistic bureaucrat who is opening our eyes to the world of local public service.

When we spoke with Poehler during the Baby Mama press tour, she joked that, "I’m just gonna name my kids numbers. New Dude, Little Dude, and eight George Foremans." It looks like she took a different route, but we are loving her just the same.