Valentine's Day Party With Mustaches and Hearts

Mustache Love! A Hip, Heart-Filled Valentine's Day Party

Mustache Love! A Hip, Heart-Filled Valentine's Day Party

Anders Ruff has never met a holiday it couldn't turn into an adorable soiree, and this Valentine's Day Mr. & Miss Mustache Party is no exception. "We all know the mustache trend is in full force right now — for both boys and girls!" says Maureen Anders. "Go into any toddler, tween, or teeny bopper store, and you'll find a mustache or two on the clothes and decor. We decided to create a collection that was perfect for both boys and girls."

The printable party collection comes in two colorways to please both genders and includes tons of creative designs (mystery valentine message decoders and "wet your whiskers" drink wraps) and some hilarious word plays on the theme. "Sweets for your candy 'stache" chocolate-bar wrappers and bag toppers that say "you 'must' enjoy some now and 'stache some for later" are just two of our favorites. Keep clicking to check out all the clever ways Anders Ruff has made us fall in love with mustache parties all over again!

Source: Anders Ruff