A Turtle-Themed Helmet Party For Kids With Plagiocephaly

A "Tortilly Adorable" Turtle Party to Raise Awareness For a Serious Issue

A "Tortilly Adorable" Turtle Party to Raise Awareness For a Serious Issue

In this race, it's the tortoise that always wins! When party planner extraordinaire Kate Landers got over the shock of her newborn son's plagiocephaly (a flattened spot on the back or side of the head) and torticollis (shortened or damaged neck muscles) diagnoses, she knew she had to use her talents to raise more awareness of the issues. Known for her detail-oriented birthday parties (this was the Wizard of Oz soiree and an ice cream party she shared with us), she got to work on a party that celebrated baby Noah's new helmet. She explained:

I decided to throw a party! This party was not only to debut his helmet to our immediate family, but also to educate them on his condition, share the physical therapy exercises they can do when taking care of Noah, and provide creative answers to give people should they ask about Noah and his helmet. Planning this party was great therapy for me, and I hope planning a helmet party might be therapeutic for others as well (especially as there are other medical conditions that offer helmet therapy)!

Check out the details of the party (and links for free printable party supplies) in the photos that follow!