Transformers Birthday Party

A Transformers Birthday Party With a Very Special Guest

A Transformers Birthday Party With a Very Special Guest

"My twins love Transformers, and they really love the Michael Bay movies," says Miranda Konieczny of Whimsically Detailed. "I saw so many of the cute cartoon versions, but I decided that I wanted to do more of a metal/grunge version."

Transformer cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and more made sure the guests were appropriately sugared up at this fifth birthday party, while printables from Hello My Sweet added some aesthetic interest for this party-loving mom. "I didn't want to overdo the decor since our main focus was letting the twins have a good time," Miranda says. "I figured that for my boys I'd learn to chill a bit, and then I'd make up for it with my daughter!" Instead of an over-the-top dessert table, the big-impact element of this event was undoubtedly Optimus Prime himself.

"We purchased the Optimus costume online and my hubby was so excited to be able to surprise the twins with it," Miranda says. "One twin, being the smarty-pants that he is, saw his dad's shoes and said, 'You're not Optimus, you're dad!' Busted." Though Optimus's true identity was revealed, the party was still a success! Keep clicking to see all the details.