Tips For Returning to Work From Maternity Leave

8 Tips For Smoothly Transitioning Back to Work

8 Tips For Smoothly Transitioning Back to Work

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I distinctly remember when I had my first child thinking that maternity leave sounded like an eternity.

I was your typical Type-A workaholic and worried a lot about how far behind I'd fall in my "time off." It didn't help that I had a boss with, shall we say, misogynist tendencies. I also had heard more than a few "horror stories" from fellow Type-A friends and colleagues about the mind-numbing nature of being home alone with a newborn.

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In the end, my oldest was a joy of a baby. I surprised myself by having a lot of fun. I am sure I was able to relax thanks to the miracle of email; it enabled me to keep a finger on the pulse of things without doing much work.

My leave flew by — before I knew it, it was time to head back to work.

Looking back now, I can laugh, but boy-oh-boy, it was one of the toughest transitions I have ever made in my life. I figured I'd dive right back in — and be able to work in the same way I always had.

My addled brain never calculated the productivity hit of a few things, like:

  • Leaky boobs and their pesky need to be pumped.
  • Days when my baby was sick and needed me at home.
  • Fitting in well visits.
  • Fielding the inevitable calls from caregivers asking about this or that.
  • Having drastically reduced flexibility to get to the office early or work late.

To say that my re-entry was bumpy was an understatement. I was often stressed-to-the-max, feeling like I was always behind the proverbial 8-ball. It got so bad that I eventually had to stage an organizational intervention for myself (potentially suggested by my very understanding and unflappable husband).

It turned out that organizing a few, simple things made all the difference.

Before you head back from maternity leave, here are eight things that are absolutely essential to have buttoned up.

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