Sugardaddy: Bruce Springsteen

Who didn't dream about being the one pulled out of the crowd to dance with Bruce Springsteen in his Dancing in the Dark video? While Courteney Cox will always have that honor, seeing one of rock and roll's living legends all over my television screen this past month has brought those memories back.

The 59-year-old father of three shows no signs of slowing down after rocking the halftime show at the Super Bowl, winning a Golden Globe for his song from The Wrestler, performing at the inaugural concert and releasing a new album. And, that was just his January! His songs about the day-to-day struggles of working class Americans have made him a hero to many, while his political activism has helped him share the stage with several liberal politicians over the past few years.

Father to Evan James, 18, Jessica Rae, 17, and Sam Ryan, 15, Springsteen has kept his family out the limelight, only recently bringing them to events. The proud New Jersey native is about to embark on his latest concert tour, giving all us an opportunity to see this sugardaddy in person.

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Source: WireImage