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Sugarbaby: Noah from NYC

Our Sugarbaby this week hails from the Big Apple!

Noah, born February 15, 2006 in Manhattan, is quite a big boy these days and enjoys playing the guitar, romping around the playground, strutting along the balance beam at the gym, and dancing. He likes to shake his tiny tush to Little Maestros “Jump-In”, Justin Roberts “Meltdown”, and the Beatles “Ob li di, Ob la da”.

When he's not making music, he enjoys playing with fire trucks, cars, blocks, and his new kitchen set and grocery cart. His favorite stuffed animal is his Gund My First Puppy that he has slept with since he was one-day-old. To hear more about adorable Noah just read more.

This growing boy has quite an appetite. A New Yorker for sure, one of his favorite foods is chicken parmesan. He also loves fruit, noodles, omelettes, chicken hot dogs, meatballs, string cheese, and ice cream. And like a lil rascal, he dislikes all vegetables!

But his mom says he's a good boy and loves to read Dear Zoo, Snuggle Puppy, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and Daddy Loves Me. Noah also indulges in a little Sesame Street where he watches his best furry friends, Cookie Monster and Elmo.

As we can tell from the pictures, he's one trendy tot! Mommy likes to deck him out in Janie and Jack and Polo. His favorite words are khaki and Daddy. Sounds like Sugarbaby Noah needs to meet Ralph Lauren!

Check out the video of Noah dancing like a maniac below.