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Sugarbaby: Karsyn!

Handpicked from our adorable Sugarbabies group, Karsyn is our Sugarbaby of the week!

Karsyn is an energetic one-year-old who likes to get into everything and do things herself. Mama says that her favorite word is "mama" —using it to refer to everything and everyone. She also loves to make the sign for more, which means more food, more pacifier, and “I want” for just about anything.

Karsyn loves music and dancing and favors the song, “Wheels on the Bus.” She loudly protests when her parents try to sing other tunes. And, she's an outdoorsy girl whether she's riding in her wagon or taking a swing ride at the park.

Karysn's mama said that she has taught them what love is all about and changed their lives forever.


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