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Sugarbaby: Emma

Darling Emma is the Sugarbaby of the week!

This sweetheart just turned four last month but her mom said she already thinks she's a teenager! She is a generous girl who likes to take care of others around her – her siblings, dolls, and preschool friends. As a matter of fact, she claims, "I have so many friends because I take care of everyone." Sounds like a good lil helper.

Some of her favorite things in life are her Little Mermaid doll, lip glosses, chocolate milk, and Baskin Robbins. Like a true Sugar fan, Emma loves Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry," American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and The Office. Mom says Steve Carrell's character Michael Scott really tickles her. We totally understand Emma! To see more pictures and read more about Emma, read more.

Aside from listening to tunes, Emma likes to dance while her mom is cooking in the kitchen. Her mama says that her latest trick is jumping in the air and landing in a split – yikes! And being the mature little girl that she is, Emma loves to talk to her mother with one hand on her hip, right leg extended out and head cocked to the opposite side.

This sassy lil thing still has a sensitive side. She is afraid of the dark and dogs after being bitten by one two years ago. However, her mother says that if her brother has to go down a dark hallway, Emma will swallow the fear, take him by the hand, and lead him down it.

Emma having shaved ice

Em Shy Princess


Em Fishing Pole