Soleil Moon Frye Offers Tips For Eco-Friendly Living

Soleil Moon Frye Says Balance Is Everything When It Comes to Going Green

Soleil Moon Frye Offers Tips For Eco-Friendly Living

Going eco-friendly needn't be a daunting task – in fact, it should be fun! So says Soleil Moon Frye, the former child star and mom of two, who knows a thing or two about going green. I spoke with the owner of The Little Seed, an eco-boutique full of products that are safe for both lil ones and the environment, and mama of two about how we can create more green homes for our families.

The former Punky Brewster star believes, "One of the most important (things) is educating our kids that living an eco-friendly lifestyle can be fun." And while we all agree that we must do more to preserve the Earth, "by no means are we perfect, and I think that’s the key. If we all just do our little part, each take those little steps, it will make a big impact on the planet." Keep reading to see her easy, and virtually free, tips that can be started on Earth Day.

Come back next week to see the rest of my conversation with Soleil, including some insight into her upcoming book, Happy Chaos.

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