Simple or Swank: Easy Easels

Children love to doodle, draw, paint, and scribble. Encourage that creativity by giving them the tools to create. Now, it's time to decide how much to spend on the supplies.

Simple: IKEA makes a $20 easel with chalkboard on one side and whiteboard on the other. The simple design has a tray to store the lil artist's utensils. And, a paper roll can be used with the design as well.

Swank: The multi–purpose art stand from Land of Nod offers a few more perks. For $119, the chalkboard side has upper and lower case alphabet letters printed on the board, which is great for a lil one learning script. The hardwood stand also comes with a large roll of paper and a tray for jars of paint or cups or markers.

Surely your mini Matisse would be thrilled with either of these options!