Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Shines Brighter Off Screen

She's a fashion icon for an entire generation of women, and when she's not making headlines for her clothing choices — both on and off the television and movie screens — Sarah Jessica Parker prides herself on her urban family life.

While fans may love her best for playing Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw on both the small and large screens, Parker's role as mom to James Wilkie, 6, is the one that she cherishes. Often seen taking her son to school or palling around New York City with him, she said that she loves "to do everything with him as long as he will have me around . . . brushing his teeth with him is enjoyable right now." So it is no wonder that Parker and husband Matthew Broderick recently announced that they are expecting two new additions to the family — twin daughters — via a surrogate.

Though James Wilkie may sport hand-me-downs from his uncle, we hope the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador's daughters will have the opportunity to rifle through their mama's closet when they are older.

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