Rebecca Taylor Girls Collection

Rebecca Taylor on Her New Capsule Collection For Lil Girls

Rebecca Taylor on Her New Capsule Collection For Lil Girls

Fans of Rebecca Taylor's gorgeous line of feminine, fashion-forward pieces for women will adore the designer's new capsule collection for little girls. Ranging in price from $95 to $125, the styles exemplify Rebecca's signature look and are absolutely adorable in their scaled-down sizes. Check out what Rebecca shared with us about her inspiration to design for children, and then click through and tell us: which piece is your favorite?

LilSugar: What made you decide to do a kids' collection?
Rebecca Taylor: It was pretty organic. . . . I have three children, so I shop for them. I also thought that our prints would translate easily into pieces for little girls.

LS: What's the vision or inspiration for the look of the collection?
RT: Easy, soft silhouettes with the laid-back vibe of Summer days.

LS: Any styling tips for moms of little girls?
RT: Just keep it simple. . . . A cute pattern on a dress or a top is enough. Little girls are adorable already and don't need too many pieces or accessories!

LS: As a mom, what do you look for in kids' clothes from other designers, and what were some of your goals in designing your own collection?
RT: I like my children to be dressed like children. . . . I don't pick out anything that's too edgy or fashion-forward. So that was definitely a goal of mine in designing. I think our dresses have great silhouettes that don't look too adult.

LS: You know you're a mother when ______.
RT: Making weekday plans past 9 p.m. seems way too late!

LS: Why didn't anybody tell me ______ about motherhood?
RT: How much planning and scheduling is involved in a typical day when you're a working mom.

LS: What's the best trick your mama taught you?
RT: Don't take any nonsense!

LS: Helicopter mom or free-range kids?
RT: Somewhere in the middle.