Pregnancy Photo Shoot Tips

How to Look Like a Celeb at Your Own Pregnancy Photo Shoot

How to Look Like a Celeb at Your Own Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Jessica Simpson did it well. So did Demi, Britney, and Cindy, but could you pull off a naked pregnant photo shoot? Absolutely, as long as you follow the tips we scored from Chicago photographer Maria Ponce, who's turned shooting pregnant noncelebrities into a beautiful art form.

I was lucky enough to score a session with Maria during my pregnancy (that's me, seven months pregnant with my daughter, on the right). At first, I was skeptical about the idea. Did I really want to commemorate my pregnancy experience? I had gained almost 40 pounds, had pregnancy acne, and felt terrible — why would I want a permanent record of that? But Maria talked me through the shoot, and in the end, it ended up being one of the best experiences of my pregnancy. Seeing my big-bellied self through Maria's lens made me feel like one of those powerful, beautiful pregnant women — not like the schlumpy, yoga-pant wearing, miserable prego who could barely walk around the block without Braxton Hicks contractions forcing me home that I really was.

Now, a year after giving birth, I've (almost) forgotten about how huge and uncomfortable I felt, and I'm happily left with those superwoman photos, which are just inspiring enough to tempt me to do it all over again. I highly recommend a pregnancy photo shoot, and Maria has some great tips on how to make it a success. Keep reading to get the most of your pregnancy photo shoot, and get ready to bring out your inner, belly exalting Jessica Simpson in the (near) buff.

Source: Ponce Photography