Pictures and Review of Bugaboo Donkey Double Stroller

Bugaboo's "Donkey" Double Stroller Packs a Double Punch

Pictures and Review of Bugaboo Donkey Double Stroller

How do you compliment a donkey? "Hey, nice a**!" When Bugaboo announced its first foray into the world of double strollers, the news was met with cheers and a collective sigh of relief from mamas who are already fans of the Dutch company’s popular pushchairs. But when they saw the side-by-side style, when so many other companies are shifting to a rumble seat style, many worried about the unwieldiness of such a large-looking pram.

Well, after spending an afternoon pushing the stroller in its many forms, Bugaboo flew me there to test out the Donkey, I’m here to say that the innovative stroller (it easily converts from a single to a double with three quick clicks) is narrower than it looks, moves just as smoothly as its older siblings, and maintains the company’s signature design features throughout.

Keep reading to see the features of the new Donkey, what I liked best, and how much it will cost you when it makes its debut in April!