Pictures of Natalie Portman and Baby Aleph Millepied

Natalie Portman Shows Off Her Green Baby, Aleph

Natalie Portman brought baby Aleph to visit a friend.

It's been four months since Natalie Portman gave birth to Aleph Millepied, and now we're finally getting a glimpse of his beautiful baby-blue eyes. The Oscar-winning actress carried her precious tot as she strolled through an LA neighborhood with a friend yesterday. Clad in a bright green stretchie, lil Aleph curiously stared back at photographers as they snapped away.

An outspoken supporter of the vegan lifestyle, Natalie famously dropped the strict diet during her pregnancy when she craved cake and cookies. While it's unclear if she has returned to the vegan ways — and if she plans to raise her son as one — there are plenty of vegan baby gifts out there if her friends are looking for them! Keep reading to get your first look at Natalie's lil boy!