Pictures of Jessica Alba and Kids in Fast Company

Jessica Alba Adds Some Glamour to the Business World in a Photo Shoot Celebrating The Honest Company

Jessica Alba Adds Some Glamour to the Business World in a Photo Shoot Celebrating The Honest Company

She's much more than just a pretty face! Jessica Alba knew she was on to something when she couldn't find a cute, affordable, and eco-friendly diaper after Honor Marie, 3½, was born. And it looks like other people are on to her now too. Jessica, through her founding of The Honest Company, was just recognized as one of the 100 most creative people in business by Fast Company magazine. The actress, activist, and mom of two (lil Haven is 9 months old) posed in a beautiful photo shoot for the magazine, both with and without her daughters, and spoke about the inspiration for her latest venture. Among the parts of the interview that didn't make it into the magazine were her desire to shake up kiddie design and the obstacles she's overcome to get this far.

On incorporating modern design elements: Your baby is so cute, and you have to put a diaper on, and all of a sudden, it's like, wait, there's a paper bag on my baby's bottom! So once we got the effectiveness of our diapers down, I was like, "Why not make it cool?" I have tattoos, I have piercings, I grew up on MTV, I am a global citizen, I've been connected to the Internet pretty much my whole life; I feel like there's no company that speaks to me as a modern mom. I wanted to appeal to different types of aesthetics out there. So for boys' diapers — my partners thought I was completely cuckoo bananas — but we have skulls on a diaper, because I'm obsessed with Alexander McQueen and he makes skulls beautiful. And they were like, "Skulls on babies? No way!" And it's been one of our number one sellers, because people even like them on their girls, believe it or not. So we had anchors, as well, for the more traditional mom, and gingham.

On the whirlwind of creating a new company: I've been through lots of trials and tribulations, and I've learned a lot, and I now appreciate the uphill battle and struggle, because it forced me to be more tenacious and more focused and more passionate than I ever imagined that I could have been. I think that was probably the biggest lesson that I've learned.

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Photo courtesy of: Fast Company