Dads become a ball of mush when it comes to their kids. Celeb dads may not Tweet about their kids as often as chatty moms, but when they do, it's usually sugary sweet! In honor of Father's Day, we've searched through the Twitter feeds of some of our favorite Hollywood dads to see just what they've had to say about their tots. See if you can guess who's talking in 140 characters or less!

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Which sleepy dad Tweeted, "Best way to wake up to in the morning is to the sound of your wife and kids laughing in the kitchen and the smell of fresh coffee"?
Liev Schriber
Dean McDermott
Joel Madden
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Which pops Tweeted, "XXX (almost 3) holding an AdWeek mag just ran up to me "look daddy, its steven tyler" - uh, how the heck does she know him?!!
Cash Warren
Ben Affleck
Dean McDermott
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Which dad had to take a bit of a Twitter break, tweeting, "Sorry I haven't tweeted lately. The monkeys are teething, and drool is everywhere. As it turns out, the iPhone is not a great pacifier."
Jerry O'Connell
Elton John
Neil Patrick Harris
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Which dad Tweeted about his parental duties interfering with his game tickets, Tweeting, "Dang was supposed to be at bulls game 5. Lil dude is sick. I'm there in spirit."?
Pete Wentz
Rodger Berman
David Beckham
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Which new dad, when asked for his best advice for expectant moms replied, "Remain calm"?
Carey Hart
Rodger Berman
Benjamin Millepied
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Which dad took his kids onto the green, Tweeting, "Went golfing with the family this past weekend. Stay tuned for 2 pics."?
Liev Schreiber
Ben Affleck
Hugh Jackman
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