Photos of Honor Warren in Skinny Jeans

Honor Warren Takes the Skinny Jean Route to Class

Little Honor Warren is turning into more of a chip off the old block than we expected! Still sporting the comfy headband that her trendy mom Jessica Alba also wears, the budding fashionista was seen taking some wobbly steps in a pair of of-the-moment skinny jeans.

The adorable toddler was en route to a music class in Beverly Hills with her nanny when photographers caught her channeling her inner hipster in the jeans, a hoodie and a pair of comfortable sneakers. The 15-month-old must have heard that skinny jeans are not just on most mama's Fall shopping lists, but on their kids' lists too.

Honor's mom recently told People magazine that she is trying to raises the youngster to be bilingual, singing and reading to her in both English and Spanish, while practicing the Spanish words for different colors.

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