Photos of Crazy Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Cakes: Crazy Creepy or Crazy Cute?

Photos of Crazy Baby Shower Cakes

"What's my baby doing on the cake platter taking a nap?" Oh snap! That's a cake! Every baby shower deserves a special dessert but these er... take the cake? Forget the diaper cakes or the diabetic friendly flower pastry. Shower hosts can serve up a frosted newborn on a silver platter.

On the hilarious and uber-creative blog spot Cake Wrecks, we found some unsettling baby confections. What could be creepy about a baby cake? Well for starters, some of them have a doll buried under icing making it look more like a deathbed than a bassinet. And what happens when it comes time to eat the dessert? No guest wants to see the sugary lil toes sliced off for their nibbling pleasure. The bakers are certainly skilled in the decorating department, but maybe a crib full of stuffed toys would have done the trick.

What do you think about these babylicious cakes?