Peter Pan-Themed Baby Shower

Off to Neverland For This Peter Pan Baby Shower

Off to Neverland For This Peter Pan Baby Shower

Peter Pan may not want to grow up, but if it meant he could attend a baby shower as precious as this one, he might have changed his mind. Southern California-based Sugar & Fluff planned and styled this Peter Pan-themed evening shower for a mom-to-be who was expecting her second baby boy. And much like the character himself, the soiree was anything but typical.

"Abi [the guest of honor] and her other baby boy, Finn, are big fans of Peter Pan," said Aasim Rizvi, one part of the trio that makes up Sugar & Fluff. "It was a little sweet surprise for the older brother when he came for a guest appearance to the baby shower. We also all love Mary Blair and the concept art she did for Peter Pan and other Disney movies. We grabbed a lot of inspiration and color references from the concept paintings she did."

Rather than inundate the space with characters from the story, the designers focused on the moonlit skies and golden stars found throughout the film. Click through for all of the details used to create this magical party.