A National Parks Baby Shower

Lil Community: Adventure Hits Close to Home With a National Park Baby Shower

A National Parks Baby Shower

The following post was shared in our Baby Showers Tips and Pics group by jdeer from Egg2Cake.

What kind of a shower do you throw in November for someone who'd rather be outside than inside and who hiked in Alaska when she was pregnant? None other than a National Park Baby Shower! Guests were advised of the theme well in advance, when they received their passport invites that included a shower itinerary, arrival logistics (comfortable shoes, water and bear bells are recommended, and use caution if packing in edibles), an equipment/survival gear list (a.k.a. registry info) and GPS coordinates.

Upon arrival, trail markers directed the guests down the long driveway to the private setting and lodge-like destination. Once inside, guests were heartily refreshed and a wild time was had by all as we celebrated my brother and sister-in-law's journey into the unmarked territory known as parenthood! (p.s. No humans or animals were harmed in the celebration of this event and all activities were in keeping with the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Recreation and Procreation.)

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