Modern Vintage Shared Kids Room

A Vintage-Mod Bedroom and Playroom For Two

A Vintage-Mod Bedroom and Playroom For Two

California-based wedding photographer Raya Carlisle has a house that's big on style, but supersmall on space. "About seven years ago, we bought a 1951 two-bedroom cottage that is not big (about 1,300 square feet, including the garage) but has an open floor plan and nice south-facing light," she says.

Fast-forward to present day, and Carlisle now shares the Ventura, CA, home with her husband, Forest; their 4-year-old son, Baker; their 1-year-old daughter, Genevieve; and a dog. Bet they're looking to move? Think again. With a little creative decorating, including turning a seldom-used formal dining room into a playroom and keeping the kids' room gender-neutral with distinctive, individual spaces, Carlisle has created a home that feels eclectic and warm, kid-friendly but grown-up, cozy, and not cramped. And that's no small task. Keep clicking for all the beautiful details.

Source: Raya Carlisle