Miroslav Sasek

Texts and Tunes: This Is San Francisco

Of all the classic children's books, Miroslav Sasek's ($12) hardcover treats are my favorite.

The practically antique texts have vintage illustrations adding some art deco to baby's library.

Aside from teaching your lil one about the ABC's, these books actually divulge loads of rich information about each locale.

This is San Francisco tells the tale of the earthquake ravaged city and its touristy charm while This is New York rattles on about the architecture of the immigrant city. Copious artwork and advanced literature make these books the kind tots can be entertained by for ages.

To see what other cities are featured in his line, read more.

You can also read up on Paris, Rome, Dublin, London, Venice, Hong Kong, Ireland, Texas and others. Since the originals were penned so long ago, part of the asterisked text is updated to reflect current events.