Logitech Alert System For Monitoring Home and Kids

Would You Use This Camera System to Check In on Your Kids?

Logitech Alert System For Monitoring Home and Kids

Move over, teddy bear nanny cam! With the advent of low-cost camera and monitoring options, moms and dads can now have a DIY system that delivers sophisticated results.

The Logitech Alert 750i Master System ($299) is billed as a way to keep an eye on your kids in the backyard, in the crib, or anywhere around the house. The company sent me a review unit to test out. It was as easy to set it up and check in on my home as promised. I had the camera set up in my living room in under 10 minutes although I didn't mount it with the included accessories, which would've taken longer.
Overall I think this is an easy-to-use system if you're looking to secure your home.

Would you use one to check in on your kids? Read on to find out what using the Alert system was like, and vote on if you would set one up in your home.