Kim Kardashian Talks Pregnancy

Look Out... Pregnancy Can Be Contagious!

So pregnancy isn't really contagious, but it can certainly stir up the idea for wanna-be-moms. Women who love the expectant time may be green with envy when they see a bump struttin' down the street. When a best friend, sister or co-worker is blessed with a baby, it can make her closest bud wish they were growing one, too. Reality star Kourtney Kardashian recently announced her surprise pregnancy and has her family stirring with excitement. Even lil sister Kim recently gushed about her sister's condition while out shopping at Bel-Bambini. She said:
Who would have thought a day of baby shopping could be so emotional?... I want a baby!!!! OK, so maybe not right now, but I can't wait to be an aunt!

Surrounded by a bevy of close bumpalicious pals, I've had a pregnancy craving of late. Do you find yourself swaying with the wind when those close to you are growing tummies?

Source: WireImage