How to Quinoa Book Interview

The Only Unsolicited Parenting Advice We've Ever Appreciated

The Only Unsolicited Parenting Advice We've Ever Appreciated

We're all living in an age of extreme parenting, and it's a rare day when there isn't a new article, book, or study that increases the divide amongst moms and dads. Breast-feeding vs. formula feeding; vaccinating vs. not; working vs. staying home with the kids . . . the often-judgment-packed dialogue can become exhausting. That's why we get such a kick out of the comic relief that comes in the form of things like Tiffany Beveridge's "My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter" Pinterest board, which chronicles the fictional adventures of the elitist, designer-clad, all-organic (and all-fictional) "Quinoa." A freelance writer, Tiffany's way with words (and wit) is evident in her quippy, one- or two-line captions — to the tune of garnering her board close to 93,000 followers. So it was to our delight (but not necessarily surprise) that Quinoa and Tiffany scored a book deal that details — tongue-in-cheek — exactly how to embrace the "Quinoa lifestyle" for your very own child.

All it took was a brief phone conversation with the author (and very proud imaginary mom) to confirm that her deeper message in this endeavor is completely nonexistent, and the entire concept is all in the name of fun (thank you, Tiffany!). "My intention from the beginning has always just been for a laugh. I definitely see Quinoa as a really great social lens and way to maybe have us look at things in a different light and maybe not take ourselves quite so seriously. But at the end of the day, I have no agenda other than just to make people laugh," she told us.

Source: Ashley Haag via Running Press

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