How to Make Chocolate-Covered Peeps For Easter

Delilicious: Chocolate-Covered Peeps on Sticks

Inspired by the book Peeps: Recipes and Crafts to Make With Your Favorite Marshmallow Treat, my bakers-in-training and I set out to dress up the colorful Easter staple. I heated chocolate chips in a double boiler, scooped the chocolate into a bowl, and helped my lil ones spread it on Peeps, which we had impaled with Popsicle sticks. The result was a semihomemade treat that would be perfect for a family garden party, play date, or preschool celebration.

To see what you will need to replicate the project, read more.

Semisweet chocolate chips
Popsicle sticks
I also suggest a double boiler and cookie tray covered in wax paper to place the Peeps on once you've covered them in chocolate.


  1. Open your Peep packages and stick your Popsicle sticks 3/4 of the way into the Peep.
  2. Heat chocolate on the stove using a double boiler method, then transfer the melted chocolate into a bowl. The chocolate will begin to dry up after about 10 minutes, so you need to act fast once it is melted. If your children are young, you may prefer to do the chocolate dipping and spreading yourself and let them decorate the bunnies.
  3. Spread chocolate-covered Peeps on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper.
  4. Decorate Peeps with sprinkles.