Hooray For Baby Shower in Shades of Mint and Yellow

Minty Fresh! A Sweet "Hooray For Baby" Shower

Minty Fresh! A Sweet "Hooray For Baby" Shower

We're always inspired by baby showers that are both gender neutral and beautiful, and this "Hooray for Baby" shower thrown by Becca Gorski of Cake Events for three of her friends who all happened to be pregnant at the same time (don't you just love that?!) is one of our all-time favorites.

"The 'Hooray for Baby!' theme started oddly enough as the subject of an e-mail I sent wishing them congratulations," Becca says. "The more I thought on it, the more it felt like the perfect concept for a shower. Because two of the moms-to-be opted not to find out what they're having, I picked a gender-neutral palette of mint green and yellow. I've always loved these colors for Spring, and they worked especially well for an outdoor brunch." The combination of the pastel color palette and the exuberant theme makes for a supersweet combo. Keep clicking to check out all the details! Hooray!

Source: Cake Events