Home by Novogratz Triplet Bedroom

The Novogratzes Transform a Tiny Bedroom Into a Triplet Oasis

To celebrate the triplets, the Novogratzes had a photographer take candid portraits of the kids. The images were then converted into wallpaper by Duggal, a digital printing firm. The dangling NUD light fixtures add some unique and kid-friendly light to the room.

If there's one thing a family can never have enough of, it's space. While living in a small space can force families to cut down on the clutter and carefully edit their toys, kids will inevitably feel constrained by limited areas. Bob and Cortney Novogratz know all about small homes. The designing duo, and stars of HGTV's Home by Novogratz have lived in and around New York City with their seven kids.

In an upcoming episode of their show, the couple helps a friend-of-a-friend convert a small Hell's Kitchen, NYC, bedroom into a clean, functional room for 4-year-old triplets. Quite a bit more modern than the San Francisco 2010 Decorator Showcase, take a sneak peek at the room, and see what the designers used to make it functional and fun for the tykes.

Photos by: Matthew Williams