An Heirloom Baby Shower

Lil Community: An Heirloom Baby Shower For Ashley

An Heirloom Baby Shower

Pull out the umbrella; it's shower time! We love celebrating baby showers in our Baby Showers Tips and Pics group. Here are some pictures of a LilSugar-inspired party from lkstraw.

I recently threw a baby shower for Sugar Inc.'s own Director of Fashion, Ashley Patterson, and couldn't have done it without the help of LilSugar! One of the highlights of the shower was filling out and sharing the adorable keepsakes I downloaded off LilSugar — "Wishes for Baby!"

I'm sure when Baby P learns to read he or she will get a chuckle out of them, too! And Ashley plans to frame them for the nursery.

Have you been showered by dear friends and family to celebrate your growing brood? Or, have you planned a brilliant baby bash you are unabashedly proud of (you know you have!)? Share your baby shower photos, inspiration, tips, and suggestions in our Baby Shower Tips and Pics group in the LilSugar Community.