Heather Shumaker's Renegade Parenting Rules

8 New, Renegade Parenting Rules From It's OK Not to Share

It's OK Not to Share

There are some unwritten rules of parenting that we just know to teach our kids (mostly because our parents enforced them with us): sharing is important, be inclusive, and don't hit. But in this age of new parenting methods (Tiger Mom, Free Range Mom, French Mom, anyone?), a new philosophy is set to cause a stir on the playground just in time for parents to send their tots back to school. It's OK Not to Share, a new book from journalist Heather Shumaker, will hit stores on Aug. 2, and her self-described Renegade Rules turn commonly held household rules upside-down.

Based on the philosophy of the preschool she attended as a tot (and where her own mom still teaches), Shumaker offers up 29 parenting rules that all fall under the umbrella of the Renegade Golden Rule: "It's OK if it's not hurting people or property." With easy-to-follow instructions for following the rules — including tool boxes of sayings and actions for parents — the book is a manual for the parent who's had it with many of today's popular parenting styles. Here are a few titillating teasers from the book.

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