Pregnant ladies are in luck because the maxi dress is in style this season. Keeping the figure a secret, new moms and expectant ladies have been spotted sporting the garbs alike. See if you can guess which hot mamas are behind the flowy frocks.

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What mom feels like "Just a Girl" in these colorful dresses?
Charlotte Church
Gwen Stefani
Jamie Lynn Spears
Kate Hudson
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Who is black and white and yellow all over?
Lisa Marie Presley
Cindy Crawford
Brooke Shields
Angelina Jolie
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What songstress rocked the bump under this gray jersey number?
Ashlee Simpson–Wentz
Britney Spears
Jennifer Lopez
Julianne Moore
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This little lady looked pretty in a pink ombre dress.
Camila Alves
Nicole Richie
Jessica Alba
Salma Hayek
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Which lovely lady enjoyed some sun in her spaghetti strap frock?
Halle Berry
Camila Alves
Jessica Alba
Rhea Durham
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This sunkissed lady soaked up rays during her pregnancy.
Nicole Richie
Christina Aguilera
Tori Spelling
Jamie Lynn Spears
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