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Guess the Celebmama

Guess Who's Off to School

School is back in session, which means mommies all over the world are back to drop-off and pick-up duty. Take my quiz to see if you can guess who is helping to carry the backpacks to and fro.

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This leggy mama guided her son down their brownstone steps to his school.
Liv Tyler
Kate Hudson
Uma Thurman
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Which mommy gave her son a lift with a piggyback ride?
Kate Winslet
Sarah Jessica Parker
Victoria Beckham
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Which British mum walked her lil chap to school?
Victoria Beckham
Claudia Schiffer
Naomi Watts
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Tell me, who takes her kids to Independent Study classes in Redondo Beach?
Dina Lohan
Demi Moore
Rachel Hunter
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What NYC mom rocked her Chuck Taylors to pick up her freckled son from school?
Julianne Moore
Liv Tyler
Heidi Klum
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The outfit looks familiar but the mother's not the same. Which mother picks her son up at the same school as Claudia Schiffer?
Gwyneth Paltrow
Elle Macpherson
Political Mothers
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