Flying Baby Photos Available as Prints and in New Book

Henry the Flying Baby Gets a Book Deal and a New Print Shop

Henry the Flying Baby Gets a Book Deal and a New Print Shop

If you haven't seen Henry, the Flying Baby, the genius creation of NYC-based photographer Rachel Hulin, then now's the time to get acquainted. Shortly after baby Henry's birth in 2011, Rachel started making him fly (with a little help from Photoshop, of course). Since then, Henry has been photographed gliding over fields and kitchen sinks, though his backyard, and even up to a Ferris wheel, and the amazing results have been featured in Time magazine and on CBS News, ABC News, CNN, and the Today show.

Henry, now 18 months, is getting a little old to fly, but his mom's awesome photos are still soaring. This week, Rachel is launching a new site selling prints of her Henry photos, and she just announced the series is becoming a book! Out April 9, 2013, Flying Henry ($13) will be a 40-page fantasy book for infants and toddlers following a baby who develops the magical ability to fly. The new book promises lots of new photos of Henry's airborn adventures, but while you wait, check out some of our favorite shots.

Source: Rachel Hulin