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Fly Fusion Pentop Transfers Notes To Computer

Last week I got to try out the new Fly Fusion Pentop, which allows you to transfer your notes and doodles to your PC and acts as a homework helper and MP3 player.

The device, which consists of a pen and special Fly Paper notebook costs $79.99, automatically scans and digitizes everything you write or draw in the notebook so when you hook it to your computer you can easily transfer your notes to an e-mail, word document or turn them into a jpg. The notebook and pen combo also allows you to interact with your notes and get feedback and step-by-step help, as well as play MP3s and games. The Fly Fusion was made by Leapfrog and intended for kids ages 10 and up, but I found myself wishing I would have had one in college, where I took hundreds of pages of notes a month.






For more of my review and to watch a video of how it works, read more

Overall, I thought the pen was really exciting and could be a real time saver for anyone who takes copious notes. The homework help features are great (you can get help solving equations and can help you with language homework by translating words), but I worry they could become a cheating device in the classroom. As a mac girl I was a little bummed the company hasn't come up with a mac compatible pen yet - they claim one is in the works - however, I am sure plenty of PC kids, college students and even professionals that have to take a lot of notes will find it useful. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Fly Fusion Pentop Transfers Notes To Computer  originally posted on POPSUGAR Tech