Dinner A Love Story Cookbook

Inside the Pages of Dinner: A Love Story

Inside the Pages of Dinner: A Love Story

If you're a regular follower of LilSugar's food coverage, then you already know what huge fans we are of family-friendly foodie blog Dinner: A Love Story. We've been anticipating the launch of author Jenny Rosenstrach's cookbook of the same name since first learning that it was in the works, and hooray . . . it's finally here!

Not only is the cookbook chock-full of delicious, nutritious, and actually doable meals that your kids will want to eat, but Jenny's personal anecdotes on the work-life balance, motherhood, the importance of the family dinner, and more make it an entertaining and relatable read as well.

We caught up with Jenny earlier this week and are thrilled to share some of the highlights of our interview here . . . along with a most delicious recipe for Peanut Butter Noodles, a DALS favorite.