Deer Birthday Party For Kids Inspired by Bambi

A Hip, Bambi-Inspired Third Birthday Bash

A Hip, Bambi-Inspired Third Birthday Bash

Johannesburg photographer and stylist Vanessa Lewis is about as cool as a mom can get. So when it came time to plan her daughter Nina's third birthday celebration with the requested Bambi theme, it wasn't going to be your typical Disney-esque party. While little Nina likes the movie version, it's really the original Bambi story, written by Felix Salten in the 1920s, that she loves. So Vanessa used that classic version for inspiration for this amazing magical forest party, full of creative, hip deer details.

"I had so much fun creating personalized bunting with Nina's little face with antlers, cutting Bambis out of wrapping paper and sticking them to plates and cups, and creating the forest table with holes for branches," Vanessa says. Keep clicking for all the inspiration details, and get ready to look at Bambi in a whole new, lovely light!

Source: Vanessa Lewis