Dadchelor Baby Showers For Men

The Hottest Baby Shower Trend: Planning a Party For Dad

Dadchelor Baby Showers For Men

Moms aren't the only ones celebrating an addition to their family these days. While some parents-to-be opt for a couples shower, a new trend is putting the focus on the man of the house. A "dadchelor" party (also know as man-shower, diaper party, daddymoon, and dadelor party) is daddy's last hurrah before the baby comes. Often described as the male counterpart of a baby shower, it's actually more like a bachelor party but with diapers. And they've become increasingly popular of the last year or two.

Is dad-to-be complaining about feeling left out due to the baby shower? A dadchelor party might be just what he needs.

Only men are allowed at this fete, but you can rest assured that there will be plenty of beer, food, and diapers!

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