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Common Questions Kids Ask

Take This Kid Quiz! Common Questions Your Children Ask

When they're at the age of wonder, children often ask question after question. Some moms find themselves hard pressed for answers, so take this quiz and see if you are well informed!

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Why is the sky blue?

Image source: Flickr User ronnie44052

Blue is the color of oxygen.
The blue color from sunlight travels the shortest so it gets bounced around in the atmosphere.
The sky reflects the color from the ocean.
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What is air made of?

Image source: Flickr User WTL photos

Mostly nitrogen and oxygen
Mostly helium and oxygen
All oxygen
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How many bones does the human body have?

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What is night?

Image source: Flickr User NASA Goddard Photo and Video

When the sun faces away from the part of the Earth you are on
When the moon covers the sun
When the part of the Earth you are on faces away from the sun
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Why is the ocean salty?

Image source: Flickr User Repoort

Salt from the ocean floor seeps into the water.
Salt from clouds is dropped into the ocean when it rains.
Rain runoff collects minerals and flows into the ocean.
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How much do fingernails grow in a month?

Image source: Flickr User nikoretro

Two inches
A tenth of an inch
Half an inch
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How many hairs do humans have on their head?

Image source: Flickr User e³°°°

1 million
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