Give your children the toys you used to tinker around with — the classics. If the items you loved as a child can't be found in your basement, many are still available online. Take this quiz to see how much you know about these time-tested favorites.

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Which pull toy, originally introduced by James Industries in 1952, was redesigned in 1995 for inclusion in Toy Story?
Mr. Potato Head
Speak & Spell
Slinky Dog
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Which toy, first introduced in 1967, gave tots the opportunity to experiment with light and design?
Lite Brite
Etch A Sketch
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Which toy, introduced in 1913, was inspired by pencils and empty spools of thread?
Lincoln Logs
Etch A Sketch
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True or False: The first toy piano emerged in 1872.
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True or False: Lincoln Logs were created by the son of Frank Lloyd Wright.
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Which toy was invented under the name "L'Ecran Magique"?
Etch A Sketch
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What number is associated with Radio Flyer's iconic red wagon?
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What was the original name of Fisher Price's iconic Chatter Telephone?
Talk Back Phone
Chatty Cathy Phone
Speak Outloud Phone
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