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Celebrity Mothers at the Academy Awards

Guess the Oscar Mamas

Oscar night was more than Hollywood's biggest evening of the year. For a number of attendees, it was a child-free night on the town. The list of Academy Award nominees was rife with working moms who left their tots with the babysitter and joined their fellow actors for a glamorous night on the town. Take our quiz and see if you recognize these glammed up red carpet mamas.

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Which non-nominated mom's daughters may be fighting over her closet of glamorous gowns?
Sarah Jessica Parker
Jennie Garth
Demi Moore
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Which new mama took a break from baby duty to attend the show?
Nicole Richie
Sarah Jessica Parker
Ellen Pompeo
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Which Oscar winner looked stunning in a metallic YSL gown?
Kate Winslet
Nicole Kidman
Penelope Cruz
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Which funny lady's black lace Michael Kors helped her stand out on the red carpet?
Sandra Bullock
Tina Fey
Amy Poehler
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Which fashionable mama covered up for her red carpet walk?
Nicole Richie
Heidi Klum
Maggie Gyllenhaal
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Which mama looked statuesque in white?
Reese Witherspoon
Angie Harmon
Jennifer Lopez
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Which mama had a little fun with her frock last night?
Jennifer Garner
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Cate Blanchett
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Which nominee donned an embroidered gown for her big night?
Sandra Bullock
Meryl Streep
Vera Farmiga
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Which mom made a statement with her bright red Lanvin dress?
Brooke Shields
Meryl Streep
Sigourney Weaver
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Whose black Vera Wang gown was anything but basic?
Julia Roberts
Mariska Hargitay
Julianne Moore
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