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Celebrity Moms at the Cannes Film Festival

Guess the Hot Mamas at the Cannes Film Festival

What mom would turn down the opportunity to spend a few days on the beaches of the French Riviera? The Cannes Film Festival is wrapping up this weekend so we're taking a look back at the Hollywood mamas who jetted overseas to walk the red carpet. How many can you identify?

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Which songstress showed off her svelte body at a party celebrating the upcoming Winnie Mandela biopic?
Mary J. Blige
Jennifer Hudson
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Which mom of one sported a teased up coif while walking the red carpet?
Kate Beckinsale
Kate Hudson
Cate Blanchett
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Which mom of two covered up for the Chopard 150th Anniversary Party?
Naomi Watts
Diane Lane
Meg Ryan
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Which star pulled out all the stops for the premiere of her Summer flick?
Cate Blanchett
Naomi Watts
Julia Roberts
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Which cover girl with a new last name glowed in maroon while visiting the French Riviera?
Salma Hayek
Tina Fey
Nicole Richie
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Which blond mama made a splash on the red carpet?
Naomi Watts
Gwen Stefani
Michelle Williams
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