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Celebrity Cameos on Sesame Street

Can You Tell Me Who Was a Guest on Sesame Street?

It seems that the cool thing to do these days is to make a guest appearance on Sesame Street. Every time I tune in, I happen upon another famous face. Do you know who has lent their star power to the wee programming? Take the quiz and test your knowledge!

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Who played a shoe fairy on Sesame Street?
Elton John
Neil Patrick Harris
Matthew Broderick
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Which daddy talked about octagons with Elmo?
Dave Grohl
Eddie Vedder
Jack Black
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Which papa chatted with Telly about friends and neighbors?
Ben Stiller
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
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Who talked about healthy eating habits with Elmo?
Jennifer Lopez
Michelle Obama
Jessica Alba
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Which pop rapper took Elmo on an addition expedition?
LL Cool J
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Which baller took to the wee screen to discuss persistence?
Fernando Torres
David Beckham
Thierry Henry
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This pretty lady talked about metamorphosis with Abby. Who is she?
Patricia Arquette
Gwyneth Paltrow
Keri Russell
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Which daddy enlisted Cookie Monster's help to explain the word "crunchy."
Will Ferrell
Adam Sandler
Conan O'Brien
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Who explained the meaning of surprise?
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Reese Witherspoon
Jennifer Garner
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Which broadcast mommy was surrounded by bears while discussing hibernation?
Katie Couric
Meredith Vieira
Barbara Walters
Who's the Daddy or the Mommy?
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