Brave Movie Review

5 Reasons to Take the Kids to See Brave

5 Reasons to Take the Kids to See Brave

If you've paid any attention to the early buzz, trailers, and commercials, you'd be led to believe that Disney Pixar's Brave (in theaters this Friday, June 22) is defined by the plotline of a rebellious, bow-and-arrow-happy heroine. And while you'd be correct, there's more to this story than first meets the eye. Set in the Highlands of Scotland, Brave embraces a folkloric feeling, touching on themes of tradition, fate, and, of course, bravery.

Merida, the impetuous young princess, is determined not to accept her fate to be married to one of three "acceptable" suitors. Her attempt to challenge her destiny, however, goes horribly wrong, and she risks being responsible for the demise of her mother and the kingdom.

While red-headed Merida is a respectable role model for little girls, and she's a far cry from some of her glass-slipper-seeking predecessors, she certainly isn't the first of her kind. Disney's animated films have long championed the independent, free-spirited protagonist-princess. From the nonfictional Pocahontas's refusal to accept her arranged marriage to Mulan's acts of heroism to defend her family's honor, Merida joins a long-standing tradition of Disney "women" who determine their own destinies — which we love.

Brave is fast-paced, fun to watch (especially in 3D), and filled with wholesome, important lessons and plenty of good humor. Here, five reasons why it's worth taking your kids to see Brave . . . and why grownups will be happy to accompany them.

Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures