Brain-Boosting Baby Food

3 Brain-Boosting Recipes For Your Tiny Tot

Brain-Boosting Baby Food

In the Japanese culture, cooking is a thoughtful process that's executed with careful intention. In addition to combining ingredients to appeal to the sense of taste, food is meant to stimulate the brain, eyes, and mouth simultaneously. With that in mind, Mika Shino developed Smart Bites for Baby — 300 recipes designed to make mealtime a nutritious, mentally stimulating, and fun experience for babies and toddlers.

Utilizing a range of textures, colors, and flavors, Shino's recipes include foods that are proven to promote brain development — think fish, soy, nuts, berries, sesame, and more. Smart Bites for Baby is organized by age, making it easy for kitchen-savvy parents to know when to introduce each recipe.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at three of the inventive recipes in Shino's book: creamy orzo with crabmeat, coconut curry soup, and chocolate sesame cupcakes. Check them out, try them on your tots, and let us know what you (and your little ones) think!