Bite of Love: Marshmallow My Love Pudding Cuppycake

If you don't have time to make almond butter and brownie cupcakes or fancy brownie cupcakes sprinkled with frosting, serve up a routine treat in an unusual presentation for your family's Valentine's Day fete.

I dished up chocolate pudding into mini cups and decorated the top with mini marshmallows for a festive, but portioned controlled dessert. Your child's mouth will water at the thought of a cup of sweet goodness, but the reality is you're only serving them four spoonfuls of pudding.

For tips on how to make these little bites of love, read more.
I used one six pack of pudding from the health food store, which I dished into about 14 mini cups (you know the kind you used in college for Jello shots). I decorated with marshmallows, but you could use any candies or serve plain.